Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NWCS 9th Weekly Briefing 2013-2014 Fall Semester


Dear NWCS Fellow Members;

Dear All Parents, Teachers and Students;

1. 本周六我们主校和西雅图分校所有班级都照课表正常上课。下星期六(11/30)感恩节放假。
This Saturday, November 23rd, 2013, all NWCS classes of main campus and Seattle Branch will follow regular schedules as defined in our new NWCS school calendar Please come to school on time. 

We won’t have the classes next Saturday due to Thanksgiving holiday.
2. 为了适应中文教育和学校的发展,我们西北中文学校正在寻找更合适的办学场所,希望除了能有办公室功能外,还可以办课后辅导班,欢迎家长和老师献计献策。

To help with our school’s growing needs, we are searching for a better location where we can not only have our own administration office but also launch our afterschool program. Our parents and teachers are welcome to provide any related information and suggestions for our school.

3. 自从我们面向广大师生家长征集有关西北中文学校校史的文字和图片资料后,得到了许多家长老师的热情支持,在此表示感谢并希望更多的老师家长能加入我们,为学校提供更多珍贵的校史资料。作为参考,在这里我们想和大家分享一份Julie Ellington提供的本地华文报纸在上世纪九十年代对刚成立的西北中文学校的报导(见附件)。再次感谢Julie的分享!
Since we announced our plan to compile our school’s history we have received great support from our former school leaders, parents and teachers. We want to express our appreciation to them all again here and we hope more of you can join us to provide more valuable historical sources of our school’s developing process. For your reference we want to share with you a piece of historical material about newly established NWCS in the 1990s (see attachment). And we want to express our thanks again to our board member, Julie Ellington for sharing this with us.

4. 本年度AMC 8数学竞赛将于本周六(十一月二十三日)举行
The AMC 8 test date is going to be on Nov.23rd (this Saturday) from 11:00am to 11:50am on Newport high school campus, students who have registered the test will receive a confirmation email from math department as the test date approaches.
Due to the school campus situation on last Saturday (11/16), the AMC 8 special training session will be postponed to this Saturday11/23. (It will be after the AMC 8 test time.)
Date/Time:   13:00 - 13:50, Nov. 23rd

Location:   Classroom 2104

5. 黄佳棣老师曾是西北中文学校最早的一批教学经验极为丰富的中文老师,她在西雅图学区教授中文多年,深受学生喜爱。本周我们有幸请到她就 “1、如何选择好的教材?如何运用好的课件?2、如何提高教学效果,使孩子们喜欢中文、自觉地学习中文?3、在学习中文的过程中,家长和老师的配合等话题举行座谈讨论,欢迎诸位中文老师和感兴趣的家长积极参加。
时间:11:00 am, Nov. 23

Teacher Huang Jiadi was one of the earliest and most experienced Chinese teachers at NWCS and we invite her to give a lecture on several topics concerning how to help the students to learn Chinese this Saturday. Those who are interested in these topics please join us.
Date/Time:   11:00 am, Nov. 23rd
Location:   Classroom 2501



Thank you all!


NWCS Admin Team

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Emergency Notice:No School this coming Saturday (11/16)

Dear NWCS Fellow Members;
Dear All Parents, Teachers and Students;
我们今天上午刚刚得到Bellevue学区转发的消息:由于本周六Newport High School有重要的州际橄榄球比赛,需要保证比赛用停车场地,所以我们无法正常使用学校的任何设施。经过反复协商未果,我们不得不取消周六(11/16)中文学校的一切教学和其他活动。我们非常抱歉计划改变给大家带来的种种不便,希望大家能理解和配合这次的调整,互相通知提醒。本周取消的教学计划都将顺延至下周(11/23),因此这学期的最后一天也由原来的一月二十五日延期到二月一日。随信附上调整后的新校历以供大家参考。
Unfortunately, our Northwest Chinese School have to cancel all school activities including all classes this weekend(11/16) in order to comply with Newport High School’s need of space for their State Football Playoffs on their campus. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by such change of plan and hope you can show your understanding and support again by spreading the words to other parents you know. As a result the last day of fall semester will be postponed to 02/01/2014 instead of 01/25/2014(revised calendar is attached).
Thanks all!
NWCS Admin Team