Wednesday, December 11, 2013

NWCS 11th Weekly Briefings, 2013-2014 Fall Semester

Dear NWCS Fellow Members;
Dear All Parents, Teachers and Students;
There are about twenty days left for the year of 2013 and the winter break will start in a week or two for most schools. To commensurate with your holiday arrangements, our school will also take a two week break starting from next week. So this Saturday will be our last class meet for the year of 2013 and our next meet will be on Jan.4th, 2014. And we wish you and your family a happy winter break and a very happy New Year in advance!
We believe you probably have arranged all kind of activities for your children during this winter break. And we would like to add some more ideas to your list of the winter break activities because we think this would be a great opportunity for your kids to practice more with their Chinese speaking and writing skills: you can let your children converse in Chinese when your family is visiting friends or relatives during the holidays or you can teach them some Chinese idioms when the occasions come up. And you can ask your children keep a Chinese journal about their winter break activities or write about a book they read in the break. The “Northwest Education Forum” of 《侨报》is opened by our school to encourage our students, teachers and parents to write Chinese essays more. And you can find more works from our students in the new issue (see You are welcome to submit your own work through email to:
After our asking all our teachers, parents and management team to join us in searching for our school's motto, we have received some great responses. We want to thank you for your enthusiasm and hope more of you can join our discussions in order to search for the best motto that could summarize the motivation behind our school and set a great goal for us. You are welcome to join our discussion by sending emails to:
4、今年六月后家长报送的公司 Volunteer Hours资金名单已经出来一部分,请还未报知资金分配计划的家长发信到qiufang.yi@nwchinese.org或者周六来Bellevue 行政办公桌前报知资金分配到班级的详细计划。名单如下(以后出来的名单还会陆续发布): 
Ma Kenneth Shi Fang Zhang Hanzhong Wang Xiaoqing Tang Lan Wang DongZhang YananZhao Chunzhi
Microsoft Volunteer Hours matching fund has already arrived. Parents whose names are in the above list, please let us know where you would like to allocate the fund by sending email to or coming to the Bellevue admin desk on Saturdays.
Thank you all and keep warm!
NWCS Admin Team