Sunday, April 18, 2010

NWCS 8th weekly briefings

Dear all NWCS fellow members;
Dear all Parents and Teachers;

1. Time flies. It is time for mid term test. I am sure that our students are well-prepared with all your help. Thank you!
2. Passport and visa service are available this coming Saturday near Admin Desk. Rules and Regulations apply. Please see the attached for details;
3. Last week, we introduced our Summer Math class. Now, I unveil our Summer English Drama class. For details, see the attached please;
4. As educators, we appreciate Seattle Chinese Institute of Engineers for providing APA Scholarship Award Program to all students. Please help your kids to apply in time.
5. Northwest Chinese School starts her first Reading Seminar on the 17th from 11:00AM to 11:55AM at Classroom 1112. Please join us.
6. We'll play the second episode of
汉字五千年》at classroom 1111 at the same time (11am to 11:55am). Please continue to join us.
语文能力的提高更多的来自于课外阅读(Extensive Reading),而鼓励课外阅读的最佳方式是让阅读带来乐趣,从而提高我们的中文教学水平。我们即要从现在做起,又要从长计议,围绕我们的教学大纲,配 合我们的课堂教学,尽我们最大的能力和资源,把这项工作做好。书籍,文章可谓浩如烟海,为我们的学生选哪些读物,也一定是仁者见仁,智者见智。 我们的原则是: 遵循语言习得的规律, 期望通过有限的阅读,达到举一反三的效果。提高学生们的读写听说译的 实际综合能力。因此,非学生教师家长三方配合不可。选题范围和细则在admin desk. Please offer your opinions and advise. Please指点,推荐,批评,指正。Thank you for those who have offered yours. We need more to involve.

Thanks again,

Zhang Tao
Principal of NWCS
On Behalf of Admin
Serving NWCS with Heart and Soul