Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NWCS 14th Weekly Briefings, 2013-2014 Fall Semester

Dear NWCS Fellow Members;
Dear All Parents, Teachers and Students;
This Saturday will be our 14th week for this semester and our classes will enter final review and exam time. Please help your children to review what they have   learned and get ready for the final exams so they can be better prepared for next semester's learning.
New spring semester registration is going to start this coming Saturday (01/18/2014),and online registration link will be turned on that day as well. All returning students are encouraged to register online (please see the link above).
1、如果您只是在网上注册了课程但还没有付费,请您务必记得打印出报名单,然后将支票和报告单钉在一起交到admin desk
2、这学期大部分的班级将不需要新的教科书,只有中文2A2E2D5A5E5F需要购买新的教材(《马立平中文》第二册、第四册)。如果您在网上注册,教材费将自动添加到您的费用里面。当你完成注册付费,请别忘记打印出付费凭据前来admin desk领取新书。
3、如果您在网上完成了注册程序(注册课程并付完学费),并且无需购买新的教材,您将无需前往admin desk办理任何手续,可以直接继续下学期的学习。
Here are some things we want to emphasize about on-line registration:
1. If you have only registered the classes but have not paid tuition online yet, please remember to print out your registered class list and drop it off with your paycheck at admin desk.
2. Most classes don’t need new textbook for the new semester except  Chinese 2A, 2E, 2D and 5A, 5E, 5F. For you to pick up your paid textbook, please remember to print out your payment receipt and bring it to the admin desk.
3. If you have registered classes and paid tuition online, and don’t need new textbooks, then you are all set for the new semester! 
四、如果您想采用传统报名方式,从这周六起您可以到admin desk报名。为方便大家,您们可以在学校网站上查询到新学期的课程设置情况(与本学期相比没有大的变动)并且在家打印和填写好报名表(
If you prefer, you can do onsite registration at admin desk starting this coming Saturday. For your convenience you can print out and fill out registration forms from our school website before you come to the desk (
五、《侨报》2014110132期的第二期西北教育论坛发表了我校中文4CNoah Croskey、中文6A吕凡奇、分校中文八年级曹浩锋和中级绘画班Alan Hu的作品(,请这几位同学本周六11:00-1130之间来Admin办公桌领取奖励。欢迎各位同学、老师和家长继续踊跃投稿,来稿请寄
The “Northwest Education Forum” of 《侨报》is sponsored by our school to encourage our students, teachers and parents to express themselves in Chinese writing and art. And you can find more works from our students in the latest issue (see You are welcome to submit your own work through email to:
六、再次提醒大家:请注意规范停车。自从我们开始采用以放小黄条警告的方法后,乱停车的问题有了明显好转。不过,还是有一些家长在Loading Zone  停车,影响了其他车的正常出入。希望每次您让孩子下车后请立即把车开走或在远处找停车位,这样才能保持交通的畅通。
Last but not the least, please do not park your car in loading/unloading zone. It is important to keep those area clear so traffic could move smoothly. To reduce time in searching for a parking spot, parking further away from the main building may be a better idea.
Thank you all! And keep warm!
NWCS Admin Team