Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NWCS 1st Weekly Email Briefings, Fall Semester 2013-2014‏

Dear NWCS Fellow Members;
Dear All Parents, Teachers and Students;
Welcome back to school! Our first day of the 2013- 2014 fall semester will be this coming Saturday (09/14).
After 09/05, 09/06 and 09/07 “Open House”, the new enrollment has hit a new historical high.
Currently, the total enrollment has exceeded over one thousands five hundred in our database. Online registration will be closed on 09/14 middle night, if you have NOT registered for classes yet, please do it as soon as possible.
1、 如果您已经完成了网上注册缴费,这学期又不需要领取新的教科书,请参阅教室安排表,周六直接进教室上课。如果这学期需要领取新的教科书,请务必打印出收据,上课前到“领书处”领取教科书。
If you have finished online registration and do not need to purchase new textbooks, please check the classroom assignment  , and then go to your classroom directly this Saturday. If you need new textbooks, please PRINT OUT the receipt to pick up the textbook before your class.
2、 如果您完成了网上注册但还没有付费,请打印出收据并和支票订在一起,周六上课前交到行政办公桌。需要领取新的教科书,请拿到领书证后到“领书处”领取教科书。
If you have registered online but not paid yet, please drop off the receipt with the payment to admin desk; then use the book pick up slip to get the new textbook you need.
3、 如果您没有时间完成网上注册,请提前半小时到学校行政办公桌报名缴费。需要领取新的教科书,请拿到领书证后到“领书处”领取教科书。
If you don’t have the chance to register online, please come to school half an hour early to register the classes at the admin desk. Afterwards use the book pick up slip to get the new textbooks you need.
4、 有特殊要求的家长,如试听新课、调整已注册的课程等,请到行政办公桌办理。
We will help if you have any special needs, such as new class trial, class adjustment etc at admin desk.
On the first school day, many math classes have planned placement tests. Please guide your children to the right classrooms and follow class instructions. Some of these classes will evaluate the placement test results to make a class level recommendation to students. Students should expect to receive invitation emails from the teacher after this Saturday's test.
Based on high demand, the school will add one more “Introduction of Computer Programming “class this semester. Please refer to the attachment for detail course description.
五、今年西雅图分校将新开“科学常识”课程,上课时间为230PM – 320PM。课程设计活泼生动,欢迎适龄学子踊跃报名。详细介绍请参阅附件。
Seattle branch will open a new course: “General Science” this semester. For detailed information, please refer to the attachment.
Good news from Seattle branch: starting this semester, we will provide FREE homework tutoring service every Saturday. For detailed information, please contact Seattle site manager Min Huang at 206-228-1013.
请家长帮助我们老师提醒每位同学,自觉遵守学校教室管理条例。爱护 教室清洁,不能将饮料、食物带入教室;不能擅自搬动桌椅(如实在需要搬动,请务必在离开前搬回原有位置);不能擅动Newport High School老师的任何私人物品。
Please review the “Rules & Regulations for Classroom Maintenance & Management” very carefully, and remind our students: no food and drink in the classroom; no running, no pushing, and no disturbing the classroom settings, which is very, very important for us in maintaining a good relationship with NHS.
Thanks all!
NWCS Admin Team