Thursday, September 26, 2013

NWCS 3rd Weekly Briefings, 2013-2014 Fall Semester‏

Dear NWCS Fellow Members;
Dear All Parents, Teachers and Students;

1. 首先感谢所有家长,老师, 家长会义工和管理团队的辛苦工作和努力配合, 使得我们新学期的开学工作顺利有序地进行。
First we want to thank all the parents, teachers, PTA volunteers and the admin team for their hard work and cooperation. It is only with their generous help that we could have such a smooth and orderly opening for our new semester.

2. 本周六起将不再有转班手续(校长特别批准的除外)。从现在起到第四周退课的家长只能得到50%退款
Please NOTE:  There will be NO class switching starting this coming Saturday except by the principal’s approval. Only 50% refund will be available during the 3rd & 4th weeks if you want to withdraw from a class.
3.Important! Survey Form from NWCS Math Program - re: 2013 AMC 8 / NWCS
This survey form is only valid to NWCS registered students who are eager to participate AMC 8, but their weekday schools will not offer such opportunity this year (2013).

4. Making It a Family Learning Event at NWCS!
For parents who are new to the Chinese language: every week when you bring your children to NWCS to study Chinese, would you like

to understand what your children are studying;

to enjoy their achievements in their new language study;

to help them with the homework and assignments;  

to develop your own skills in Chinese for personal communications, travel, or business interactions?  

If you say "YES" to any of the above questions, we have the answers for you--please join the “Adult Chinese classes” at NWCS!  We have 2 levels of Adult Chinese classes: primary level and intermediate level.  The primary level class is for beginners, and the intermediate level is for people with some knowledge of Chinese language.  The classes are designed for studying the Chinese language in an interactive way and applying it to the real life situations. Please inquire the detail class information at the NWCS Admin desk during school hours.

5. 减免学费申请截止日期为本周六(九月二十八日)请申请人将申请材料递交到Bellevue (or Seattle branch) 行政办公桌。详情请见我校网站
Financial aid application deadline will be this Saturday 09/28/2013 for this semester. Please drop off your application at Bellevue (or Seattle branch) admin desk.  For related documents please see

6. 再次提醒:请各位家长、老师务必督促班上学生保持教室的整洁干净,不能将饮料、食物带入教室;千万千万不要乱动教室内的设施,尤其是NHS老师的办公桌。挪动过的东西包括桌椅一定要在离开前恢复到原来位置,下午下课的班级一定要把所有椅子摆放到桌上以方便打扫。
In the past weekend we still received one complaint (Room 2107) from NHS about not returning things in the classroom to their original condition. So we want to plead with all the teachers and parents again: please remind your students not to move anything in the classroom, especially the things on the teachers’ desk. Stay away from the desk if possible. No food and drinks in the classroom. If you have to move the tables (chairs), please return them to their original places when the class is over. To those whose class ends in the afternoon, please put the chairs on the table before you leave or when school is over.

7. 西雅图学区拟招聘一位下午班中文老师, 有意者请与黄敏球联系 Seattle school district is hiring a Chinese teacher for their after school program. Please contact Min Huang at for more information

Thank you all!

NWCS Admin Team