Wednesday, September 18, 2013

NWCS 2nd Weekly Briefing, 2013-2014 Fall Semester


Dear NWCS Fellow Members;

Dear All Parents, Teachers and Students;

1. 谨此中秋佳节之际,衷心祝愿您和家人团圆美满,幸福安康。中秋节快乐!

HAPPY CHINESE MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL TO YOU ALL! In 2013, the Mid-Autumn Festival will be on September 19. The Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节), also called the Chinese Moon Festival, is one of the most important annual festivals for the Chinese people. Perhaps most importantly, it is a day for family reunion. This lively festival takes place on the 15th day of the 8th Chinese lunar month every year, so its exact date by the Western calendar is different every year. Full of joy and happiness, friends and loved ones gather to celebrate a time when the moon is at its fullest and brightest of the whole year, and everyone gathers together to delight in eating moon cakes and appreciating the spectacular beauty of the full moon.

2. 需要退班或转班的家长,请您务必在本周六前来办理,因为从下周起将不再有转班手续和全额退款

Online registration has been closed, the admin desk will help those parents who want to withdraw or switch classes.  Please NOTE: A 100% refund will only be available during the first two weeks. And there will be NO class switching after the first two weeks except by the principal’s approval.

3.仍未交纳学费的家长,也请您务必在本周完成, 否则从第四周开始将累计附加每周五美元的延迟费。

Tuition fee is due on the first day of school. If you have NOT paid the tuition by now, please do so on this coming Saturday (09/21/2013) at the Admin Desk during school hours. Starting from the 4th week, an additional $5.00/week late-fee will be charged to your account.

4. 老调重重弹:请各位家长、老师务必督促班上学生保持教室的整洁干净,不能将饮料、食物带入教室;千万千万不要乱动教室内的设施,尤其是NHS老师的办公桌。挪动过的桌椅一定要在离开前恢复到原来位置,下午下课的班级一定要把所有椅子摆放到桌上以方便打扫。

In the past weekend we received Four Complaints Room 2113, 1104, 1111, 2112from NHS about our possibly violating REGULATIONS FOR NHS CLASSROOM MAINTENANCE & MANAGEMENT. Here we want to plead with all the teachers and parents again: please remind your students not to touch anything in the classroom out of curiosity, especially the things on the teachers’ desk. Stay away from the desk if possible. No food and drinks in the classroom. If you have to move the tables (Chairs), please return them to their original places. To those whose class ends in the afternoon, please put the chairs on the table before you leave or when school is over.

5. 减免学费申请仍然依照去年的办法实施。详情请见我校网站 需要提醒的是:学费减免范围仅限于中文课程;所有申请人必须先如数交纳学费。申请批准后,学校再由专项经费中退还其学费。申请截止日期为九月二十八日。

Northwest Chinese School Offers Reduced/Waived Tuition for Chinese Language Classes for Students from Low Income Families. See related documents for details.

Restrictions may apply. NWCS BOARD & ADMIN reserve the rights to explain. All applicants have to pay full tuition before being approved and receiving refund from our special account. Application deadline will be 09/28/2013 for this Fall semester.

6.  少儿舞蹈班Advanced Children Dancing 欢迎热爱舞蹈,有一定芭蕾舞和中国舞基础的适龄儿童(11- 13岁)加入。该班曾多次参加校内外各种文艺演出,受到观众的肯定和好评。少儿舞蹈“赵钱孙李”为其代表作品,曾数次在文艺比赛中获奖。名额有限,有兴趣的学生请到行政办公桌预约考核时间。

Advanced Children Dancing class is now accepting new members (between 11 and 13 years old and have some skills of Ballet and Chinese dance).  Those who are interested could make an appointment for an audition at the ADMIN DESK.

7. 为满足广大家长的要求,学校拟在西雅图分校增开一个奥数班。请大家推荐或自荐一名合格的数学老师,简历请寄

We are opening a math Olympic class in Seattle branch, so we need to hire a qualified Math teacher for this new class in the Seattle Branch. If you are interested in applying for this teaching position, please contact the school admin with your resume at . We will contact you immediately if we think you are the perfect match.

8. 中秋佳节好去处Tacoma Moon Festival (Saturday, September 21, 2013, 12:00 to 8:00 PM) Chinese Reconciliation Park

On Saturday, September 21 from noon to 8 pm, Tacoma will celebrate culture and community at the 2nd annual Tacoma Moon Festival, held at the Chinese Reconciliation Park on the Ruston waterfront.



Thank you all!


NWCS Admin Team