Thursday, August 19, 2010

warm-up for new semester (Fall 2010~2011)

Dear all NWCS fellow members;

Dear all Parents and Teachers;

Fall came earlier this year after this week’s “hot” days in the Great Seattle Areas. The immediate impact of this was the talk of returning to school. Judging from the phone calls I got from a few parents, I can imagine the excitement and energy associated with looking forward to the school year ahead. Let’s go all out to prepare for it, hoping that NWCS’s enrollments grow steadily as expected. Thank you all very much for all your supports during the past years and in the future as well.

1. 网上注册正在进行中

Our online registration goes well, with more and more parents registering their kids through the internet, a convenient way to go. For those not yet, please do it soon. I encourage you to register as soon as possible and I appreciate your early action. Thank you to those who have finished their registration on line;

2. 教师大会

The first step for the new semester preparation is our teachers’ meeting. I, on behalf of NWCS Admin, cordially invite all teachers to take part in our annual meeting on Saturday, August 28th from 3:00pm – 5:00pm in Lake Hill Library (15228 Lake Hills Blvd, Bellevue, WA 98007). Please mark your calendar and plan it in advance. Your participation will be highly appreciated!

3. 学中文助学金

NWCS has proudly launched our Financial Aid Program for those students whose family has met temporary difficulties. For details, please log on Check it out.

4. 谢谢即将卸任的PTA主席马冬

Serving wonderfully for his one-year-long term, our PTA Chair, David Ma (Ma Dong) is to step down from this great position. Please allow me, on behalf of NWCS, Board & admin, to express our gratitude to him for his excellent contributions and leadership.

5. 请推选/自荐下任PTA主席

A new PTA Chair is to be elected as soon as the Fall semester starts. Please nominate your candidates or yourself to

6. 请留意新增课程

A few new courses are to be added to the curriculum, which means our students have more choices. Please mark them out and encourage your kids to take them. The new classes include: AP Chinese Preparation; Martial Arts for kids; Basic Chinese for Adults; An Introduction to English-Chinese Translation. Course descriptions are to be posted online soon.

7. 全美中文学校年会 达拉斯,德州 12/03/2010~12/05/2010

NWCS will cover by reimbursement all the expenses---round-way airfare, taxi, hotel, etc---for whosoever (teachers, board members, parents, Admin stuffs) attends the CSAUS Meeting in Dallas on behalf of Northwest Chinese School with speeches in writing on the 6 designated topics. I am sure NWCS will benefit from your participation. Please see the attached doc for details. Pay special attention to the time schedules by CSAUS.

Thank you and Look forward to seeing you soon.

So long,


The Principal

On behalf of NWCS Admin

Serving NWCS with Heart and Soul