Thursday, January 13, 2011

NWCS 15th Weekly Email Briefings, Fall 2010

Dear All NWCS Fellow Members;

Dear All Parents, Teachers, and Students;




这大概是到目前为止我发出去的最长的 WEEKLY BRIEFINGS。但愿本文长而不赘。这无疑会让您花费比平时更多的宝贵时间,实在抱歉。之所以长,是因为本周要向大家解释和说明的内容多多所致。读完它,您定会获得有用的信息,因此,才略感欣慰。谢谢您的耐心。(若有笔误,以我校网站上的文本为准)


Online registration for next semester is now ready. All parents of returning students are cordially invited to early register your sons and daughters for the Spring Semester 2011. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated for it is convenient and labor-saving. Please pay attention to the minor changes of some of the classes, especially the new classes added. Priority online registration ends on 02/05/2011, with all online activities ending on 02/12/2011, after which restricts and fees may apply.

2. 一月十五日期末考试

Final exams for all classes will be on Jan 15th following the normal class schedules, please go to the class on time.

3. 下列班级的学生需要购买教科书

Chinese 2A, 2E, 2F classes need purchase ($50.00) the new textbook (马立平第二册).

Pre-A, C (幼儿汉语 2) & K-A, B, C, E (幼儿汉语 4) need get new textbooks for new semester.



A Kind Reminder

While running fast in the lobby last Saturday, a student accidentally knocked at another student’s nose, causing his nose to bleed and swell. Thanks to quick action and necessary measures, the wounded student was OK except his pain. There are always rules and regulations regarding class intervals: young and energetic, kids tend to run or even chase without caring about the potential consequences. It is upon the parents and teachers to guide them to behave proper. Let’s draw a lesson from this minor accident.



NWCS pays the international postage for every student, teacher, and parent as well who writes one’s letter in Chinese by hand to one’s loved ones in Great China (including Taiwan, Hong Kong, & Macao). Once this event has been announced three weeks ago, it received quick responses school-wise, with letter being mailed to Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shandong, Dandong, Chengdu, Wuhan, and Taiyuan. I am sure that more letters will fly to China with deep affection and profound respects when school is back to normal schedules. More importantly, this activity helps us all be aware of the fact that our ability to write by hand is declining. The event ends on Feb. 5th, 2011.


中文才艺表演各种准备已经就绪,本活动力求尽可能真实地反映我校的实际教学水平,以求通过这样的活动发现我们教学中存在的问题,为进一步改进个提高我们的教学质量提供依据和实例。本活动按年级分为两组:Pre-K to 3rd Grade 4th-6th grades。 活动的内容是用中文表演和讲故事:家长们可在如何讲好一个故事和表演好一个片段上辅导孩子:譬如:发音是否准确、吐字是否清晰、语言是否流畅、表情是否丰富、动作是否连贯得体、故事是否动人等等。从某种意义上讲家长既是老师、又是观众、还是评委。还是那句话,得奖固然高兴,参与尤为重要。

Chinese Classes Academic Activities are on the Way Activities coming soon are talent shows in Chinese and story-telling in Chinese among students ranging from Pre-k to 6th graders. They are divided into two major groups: Pre-K to 3rd and 4th -6th, with different groups emphasizing on different aspects of the acquisition of the Chinese language and the degree of their mastery of it, for example, the pronunciation, the articulation, the fluency, the appropriateness, the coherence, the attractiveness of the story or, and of the show. Parents can help them with all the above mentioned being taken into consideration, for parents are in a sense the teacher, the coach and the judge. As we always emphasize that competing to win is important, yet, participation is of more importance.

7. 2010年海外华裔青少年中华文化知识竞赛奖状

请下列同学本周六到校长办公处领取由中国国家海外文化交流协会颁发的奖品(Grade A)和签发的奖状(Grade B), 我校共有23名同学获此殊荣,特此祝贺!他们是:

Grade A: 刘浩津、季义萱、季义涵

Grade B: 何湘蓉、黄瓯润、黄伊卉、赵新元、梁佳丽、刘骙骙(kui)、李杰明、张婉迪、曹妙媛、倪艮(gen)泰、丁一翔、廖恺盈、范平羿(yi)、梁乐雯、李昌林、孟乘汉、江宇捷、熊开文、詹楚阳、谢琳娜。

Congratulations go to the following 23 students who have done an excellent job on the Second Chinese Common Knowledge Contest for Overseas Chinese Teenagers and who have been awarded thereby.

8. 西北中文学校书画展获奖名单


Price winners for NWCS Calligraphy & Painting Competition are listed below. The awarding ceremony will be held during NWCS Spring Festival Show.

一.成人组书法 一,二,三,鼓励奖,并送展





梁静安: 书法特别奖

二.低年级组书法 一,二,三,鼓励奖,并送展



Jenny 10Y三等奖


三.高年级组书法 一,二,三,鼓励奖,并送展

张雨桐 16Y一等奖





一.高年级组绘画 一,二,三等奖,并送展

Elaine Xiong 13Y: 一等奖

Audrey Ma 11Y: 二等奖

Dawn Liang 13Y: 三等奖

二.低年级组绘画 一,二,三等奖,并送展

陈思佳 9Y: 一等奖

Cindy Wang 8Y: 二等奖

Katheryne Chen 7Y: 三等奖

三.学前班绘画 一,二,三等奖,并送展

Luke Chen 6Y: 一等奖

Clair Ong 6Y: 二等奖

Seanna Qin 4Y: 三等奖



Cecilia Yu 6Y Ashley Sun 14Y Jia Yin Li 7Y

虞建平 8Y, Heather Yuan 8Y, Jasmine Zhang 9Y,

Lisa Zhou 9Y, Claire Ong 6Y, Rachel Shen 7Y,

Yutong Zhang 16Y, Alice Yang 7Y, Kaitlyn Ellington 6Y,

Hao Jiang 6Y, Gaorge 5Y, Hannah Chen 6Y,

Ivy Huang 8Y, Eleane Ye 10Y Jennifer Cheng 14Y,

Anna Wang 6Y, Chelsea Tao 12Y, 汤文君 16Y,

单卓琪16Y, Stephanie Liu 14Y,

Lilly Liu 9Y, Stephanie Yu 7Y, 葉颂旻 8Y,

Dawn Liang 12Y, Yang shi 14Y, 孙本经 (成人)

Note: 以上作者的作品将代表我校去参加Sammamish City Hall文化节的展出,请大家核实一下名字拼写是否有误,并希望得到家长和作者的参展许可。其余部分的作品将在新年晚会上再展一次。因此,所有作品都要在我校春晚之后方能归还。敬请合作。谢谢!All works by the above mentioned authors will be sent to Sammamish City Hall, representing NWCS, for exhibition. Please verify the spelling of names. If found wrong, please notify Admin ASAP. The rest works are to be displayed one more time during NWCS Spring Festival Show. Therefore, they are not to be returned until then. Thank you very much for your patience. NWCS reserves the right to final explanation.

9. Sammamish中国文化艺术节


Please mark your calendars and bring your whole family for this upcoming fun event sponsored by Sammamish Arts Commission, participated by Northwest Chinese School and other partners.

Date: Feb. 5th, 2011
Time: 1:00 - 6:00pm
Location: Sammamish City Hall, Sammamish, WA

Event features:
Music, Choir and Dance
Martial Arts
Painting and Calligraphy
Fashion Show of Traditional Chinese Clothing
Traditional Chinese Tea and Food Tastings
Acupuncture Education



Microsoft, as a leading fleet of the IT industry, is to host a grand celebration of ASIAN heritage, and the celebration of the Chinese Spring Festival. NWCS, the largest Chinese School in the Great Seattle area and the only member school of CSAUS (Chinese School Association in the United States,全美中文学校协会), is invited with great honor to join in its performances and other activities. We NWCS are thankful to all the current and future parents from Microsoft for their devotion and contribution to what NWCS as it is today. Please mark your calendar and be part of it if you can.

Time and Location

Jan, 22nd, 2011 Sat., at Overlake Christian Church (OCC)

5:30PM – 6:30PM: VIP Social Time

6:30PM -9:30PM: Grand Show for Spring Festival Celebration



地点:华大凯恩(Kane Hall)音乐厅

售票:NHS 大厅 $10/$20/$40

Concert of classic music, Mozart & more, presented by SEATTLE YOUTH PHILHARMONIC with Li, Haiying as conductor and Chen, Kai as Executive Director.

Kane Hall, University of Washington

3:30PM on Jan. 23rd, 2011

Tickets: $10/$20/$40 NHS Lobby this Saturday only

谢谢大家!Thank you all!