Monday, March 1, 2010

2nd weekly briefings

Dear All NWCS Members,
Dear All Parents & Teachers,

1st of all, the successful Chinese New Year Celebration Performance marked the smooth beginning of the new semester. I hereby extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who contributed to make it possible, on behalf of NWCS Administration Team. What a show! What a great team work!(在此,谨向台前幕后的所有演务人员致谢致敬)。

2nd, For those who have not yet paid the tuition, please come with your checkbooks and make the payment at the Admin Desk.

3rd, students who is to take Chinese Culture Contest on March the 6th here at NWCS Newport High School Testing Center, please work harder on the books with the guidance of your teachers and parents as well. A special meeting for it will be held at Classroom 1111 at 11:00am. Parents are welcome to join us.
加油,参加中文知识竞赛的同学们!May you a success!

4th, a digital camera was found in Ikea Performance Center at the end of the show. Please come to Admin Desk on Saturday.

5th, 二胡,杨琴classes are still open to register. Adults (parents) are welcome.

lastly, 汉字硬笔书法/如何快写钢笔字课 might be open free to all NWCS members, depending on demands. Please send e-mails to or come to Admin Desk on Saturday if you are interested. Your quick response is appreciated.

Thanks and see you Saturday,

So long,

Zhang Tao

On Behalf of NWCS Admin
Serving NWCS with Heart & Soul