Friday, March 19, 2010

3rd weekly routine briefings

Dear All NWCS members:
Dear All Parents and Teachers:

The attached
西北中文CCKC模拟练习题is special for, but not limited to, our students who is to take Chinese Culture Knowledge Contest (CCKC) on March the 6th here at NWCS Newport High School Testing Center. Please finish these exercises by yourself or with the help of your parents before the 6th. If you feel you still have more time, please work on the books with the guidance of your teachers and parents as well.

The test starts at 9:30am. Teachers (plus volunteer parent) and students must be in the classrooms at 9:00AM. Rules and Regulations are to be announced. Students from classes other than the 9th ~ 12th, and from afternoon classes will be properly seated before 9:30am.

Gifts from 国家汉办will be given to all students who have taken the test. Don't go away till told to, please.

May everyone of you a success!

Thank you,

Tao Zhang

The Principal of NWCS
On Behalf of Admin Team
Serving NWCS with Heart and Soul