Monday, March 8, 2010

4th weekly briefings

Dear all NWCS members,
Dear all Parents & Teachers,

1. To avoid financial charges, those who have not paid the tuition yet, please come to the Admin Desk and pay the balance.

2. All students who took the CCKC test last Saturday will get a gift (最新版新华字典),请相关老师到Admin Desk领奖品.

3. This Saturday (6:00AM~ 2:00PM), some of the Common area (the Lobby) of NHS will be occupied by NHS students for special event, please cooperate if necessary.

4. All teachers are scheduled to have a meeting on March 27th, 2010 at Newport High from 2:00pm ~ 4:00pm, discussing current class-related issues, web-demo, etc. including teachers-training. Please plan ahead.

5. Parents who like to have a glance of the photos of the Chinese New Year Performance, please click the following links, see if you can:

6. All academic activities, math, arts, writing, are under way in the right track, please feel free to contact me All suggestions and advise are welcome.

7. A lecture of Chinese culture/ calligraphy will be given at classroom 1111 at 11:ooam this Saturday. Welcome.

Thanks, so long!

Zhang Tao

On Behalf of Admin, NWCS
Serving NWCS with Heart and Soul