Thursday, September 30, 2010

NWCS 4th Weekly Email Briefings, Fall 2010

Dear all NWCS Fellow Members,
Dear all Parents, Teachers and Students,
1. PTA 主席:蒋海林先生我谨代表西北中文学校教学行政管理团队向新任PTA主席蒋海林先生表示衷心的祝贺!
On behalf of NWCS Admin, Please allow me to express my heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Hailin Jiang on his new appointment as NWCS PTA Chair.
2. 办学理念的一点说明
西北中文学校的办学宗旨是教育普及和文化传承。这就规定了我们必须对所有适龄少年儿童敞开大门,而不是人为地设坎儿,部分地限制招生人数以此达到所谓“保证教学质量”的目的。作为校长我倾听并感谢来自每一个关心、爱护西北中文学校的建言。大家的出发点是善意的:为了把学校办得更好,尤其是在高质量的教学方 面。我认为高质量的教学决不仅仅是单纯追求考试分数的教学;高质量的教学应该是包括高分数在内的高综合能力的教学:我们西北学生不仅在课堂上跟老师学习书本知识,他们还在课间与他的同龄同学同伴互相学习,同时,他们还从比他们年级高、年龄大的PEERS哪儿学,并在西北中文学校这个平台上初学社交和为人、为学之道。而后者往往是不具规模的小学校所难以具备和提供的,但这对学生的成才立业又是不可或缺的。
3. 温馨提醒:学费因故退还实施办法
Based on school tuition and refund polices of NWCS
1Tuition is due on the first day of the school. Starting from the 4th week, an additional $5.00 per week is charged for late tuition payment.
2Starting from the 3rd week, only 50% tuition refund is available for withdrawal from the class
4. 课堂管理细则
NWCS has the policy that only 2 parents are allowed to seat in the classroom while the class is in session. Your cooperation and consideration are highly appreciated. The teacher is the host of the classroom, no abuse of any kind is allowed, even if s/he is your child.
Anyone who wants to switch classes, please come to Admin Desk for permission. The Principals reserve the right to reject if the class being switched to is full.
5. Math Program needs Parents' Help!
As you may know, the number of students participating in our math program has grown rapidly this year. To support the regional math events, we will need many volunteer parents to help us coordinate the math event registration and fee collection. If you are passionate to help, please feel free to contact at any time. We appreciate your support in advance.
Speaking about math and our math program, as the Principal, I have to say that we cannot praise the team led by Ron too high. (怎么表扬他们都不过分。) In US, of all subjects covered at school, math is the one that worries parents the most, several of my American friends told me so. We’ve met many a parent whose concern is that their child is beginning to bring home homework that the parent can’t do. But at NWCS there are many parents who are at least competent, often very good, at math, and they have a different worry. The problem is: They do it differently at school those days. Attempts by Dad to demonstrate subtraction by adding one and paying ten at the bottom are met by a glazed look from a bewildered child, who finally goes to Mom saying, “Dad is just confusing me.” Do you have such a moment? Just share with you.
6. 历史、地理、文化辅导课程第五周开讲(10/02/2010
The class, taught by Mr. Sun Benjing, will start with 1 hour for history (12:00 - 1:00 PM) and 1 hour for geography (1:00 - 2:00 PM). The culture will be taught after the history and geography since the culture refers to the history and geography a lot. The class will be taught in an interesting and interactive way, so that the students will have the motivation to keep on studying proactively.
7. 有关艺术、舞蹈、绘画、才艺方面的安排下周公布。
9. 教育理财讲座
10.读书会 《朱元璋与毛泽东》
For details of 8/9/10, please see the attached.
So long,
The Principal
On behalf of NWCS Admin
Serving NWCS with Heart and Soul