Saturday, August 27, 2011

西北中文学校2011- 2012中国国画课

NWCS 2011-2012 Chinese Painting Class

西北中文学校2011- 2012中国国画课

Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm

Instructor: Jinny Guan Geiskanen

Age: Min 9 Yrs Old

Learning Chinese can be one of the best investments you can make in your children’s future. Learning Chinese brush painting can help your kids find the incredible passion of learning Chinese culture, history, ancient music and art. Chinese brush painting is an ancient art form that developed in China hundreds of years ago and has recently gained new popularity among artists all over the world.

This class is designed to learn how to paint flowers, birds, animals and landscapes. You will need a Chinese paint brush, ink and rice paper. Each student’s painting project will have a red seal. It is said to be “adding the eye to the dragon.” Through the basic painting, the students should understand the evolution of the distinctive style of traditional Chinese painting has been the close relationship between the materials and their influence on artistic forms and techniques. The students also should understand the important message behind the famous Chinese paintings: each piece of art expresses the inner spirit of the subject or the feelings of the artist in the end of semester.

Best of all, the students will explore the true passion and love about Chinese culture through the Chinese brush painting class. The brush dances and the ink sing. Each class will become more enjoyable, fun and unforgettable to the students.

As an excellent and experienced art instructor, Jinny Guan Geiskanen earned her bachelor degree in fine art in Beijing, and fashion design in “The Art Institute of Seattle” in 2004. She had been an art teacher at NWCS main campus a few years ago, and taught art class for this year summer camp. She will teach your kids with her heart, soul and love.